A very interesting week!

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jasmine cWell it has been an extremely interesting week with no internet access and running a business online. I think technology, and what we are now able to achieve online, is amazing but when it does not work it is extremely stressful and challenging. So my broadband was down for a whole week but I have a back up dongle so that I can still get online to work but frustratingly my dongle does not give a very good signal where I live and so would only allow me to see my emails in Outlook. I could not get onto the internet or my website at all. So does this mean I need to back up my back up system of accessing the internet. If that is the case I could go on forever. Maybe the Universe was telling me that I needed to take a step back for a week. It certainly did not feel like it and it was the wrong week to take a step back and so I have to thank a friend for allowing me access to her broadband so that I could still teach a webinar.

What I did do was add to an oil burner Lavender, Jasmine and Benzoin to calm me down. I really needed it!