London Triathlon 2017 Blog 5th May 2017

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I have just got back from doing a training run this morning and I found it quite difficult.  In the last 2 weeks I have done 3 bike rides and I have done 3 or 4 runs which is great but this morning when I left had a bit of a headache so probably shouldn’t have gone running but did it anyway because you have got to get out there training.

So wondering why I am not feeling so great when I have got back so straight away I am going to make a shake, which I will show you in a minute, to get some nutrition inside me.  Before I went off I had half a banana and that probably wasn’t enough and I had my CR7 Drive in my drink, quite weak so I am wondering maybe I should have had a much stronger dilution knowing that I wasn’t feeling quite right.

So I am going to just show you what shake I am going to do this morning and hopefully it will make me feel a lot better.

This is the CR7 Drive which is the powder which I put in my water for training but I am going to tell you a bit more about that on another blog.

So I have put in 250mls of water, strawberries and the rest of the banana (I don’t have too much because it sits a bit too heavy in my tummy) I am also going to put in some seeds to add protein.  Then I am going to have the Herbalife Raspberry and Blueberry shake – 2 tablespoons – and then because I am vegetarian and I don’t have milk I need the extra protein because normally you would do this with some milk and so you would get your protein from milk but I don’t have milk so I am going to add 2 tablespoons of the Protein Drink Mix and that gives me the requirement for protein.  That is really what I have found with the Herbalife shakes being so good especially with the Protein because being vegetarian I know I do not get enough protein.  Once I started having the Protein mix I have felt a noticeable difference.

So there will be a bit of a noise whilst I whizz this so bear with me.

And there I have a yummy shake to help me through this morning and help me to recover which will be fantastic.  So if you would like some more information about the Herbalife shakes you can contact me on


Listen to my next blog because I am going to talk about how the CR7 Drive has really helped with my hydration during my training.  See you again soon.  Bye Bye x Christina