My trip to Belfast

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Last week I went to Belfast for a two day business retreat. I had an inspiring two days with an amazing group of people. I belong to this group because even though I have been running my business for 15 years I feel that it is really great to be part of a group of like-minded people who have their own business. This way I have the support of other people’s experience if I have problems and questions. Sometimes it can be lonely when working from home and working on my own.

One of my big ‘a-ha’s’ has been that as a therapist we spend our time working in our business but rarely have the time to work on our business developing it and I have been guilty of this especially when I was only working with clients. Once I started to incorporate the training side of the business then, yes, I did spend more time focusing on developing my business.

So I came home inspired and with some new ideas of how to take my business forward. So look out for some new things coming your way over the next couple of months. With business I am always learning, always having to develop what I do and also really importantly move with the technological times!