Picture 3In this interview I talk to Emma Olliff (June 2015) a nutritional therapist, about why we need to have a healthy nutritious diet and what can happen if we do not have this.



bookimageInterview with Julia Lawless (August 2013).  Julia is a qualified aromatherapist, has studied Western and Tibetan herbal medicine and took over responsibility of the family business, Aqua Oleum, which formulates natural products using essential oils.  She is also a well-known author of many aromatherapy books.


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photo_of_mary_oct_2010_croppedInterview with Mary Chase Hopkins (August 2013).  She has been a complementary health therapist for over 25 years and worked at The Hale Clinic in London for 10 years. She is going to talk to us about Low Level Laser Therapy, what it is and the benefits of it.

Interview with Sue Evans from Centralia.  The Centralia Reflexology Mastership (incorporating Agored Cymru units at Level 5) currently provides the ONLY authorised route to Level 5 training for Reflexology Training Centres.  Sue talks about the course and how it has been developed.

In this interview I talk to Anna Gatland (September 2013) who runs a holistic healing centre called Freedom Therapies.  She talks about the wonderful healing art of Reiki and also about Indian Facial Rejuvenation which was completely new to me and sounded amazing.




In this interview I talk to Emma Baynes who is a Medical Herbalist (September 2013).  She talks about how herbs and plants can support our health and also about who she helps to educate people about herbs.





In this interview I talk to Melanie Shepherd about how complementary therapies are used, to support people on their journey with Cancer, at a charity she volunteers for called CancerWise.




In this interview I talk to Rucsandra Mitrea (November 2013) about the Mitrea Balance Model – her powerful method of healing the physical body through meditation, emotional cleansing, breathing and the path of least resistance.




In this interview I talk to Judith Townshend, Warwickshire’s Shoulder Pain Expert,  all about her experience with working with people with shoulder pain and how she helps them.





In this interview I talk to Juliet Vorster about how she inspires and motivates people to awaken and embrace their essential worth and value and therefore help people to transform their lives.



In this interview I talk to Jane Sheehan about how by looking at your feet she can tell you a lot about yourself!



In this interview I talk to Allison Walker, trainer and practitioner in Ear Reflexology and she talks about the benefits of Ear Reflexology.



In this interview I talk to Victoria Comiskey about Kinesiology and Naturopathy and how she combines these two therapies to help clients with lots of different types of health issues.



In this interview I talk to Mary Atkinson, a pioneer of Indian Head Massage and author of The Art of Indian Head Massage.



In this interview I talk to Ali Brown from Ali’s Therapy Academy. Ali spends her time working with therapists, complementary and beauty therapists, advising and teaching them how to work on their business. As a therapist I remember it well – I would work in my business because I was the therapist working in my business and I would forget about spending time ON my business so things like marketing and ways to take the business forward. So Ali is going to be talking about how she teaches and supports therapist’s to do this.



In this interview I talk to Mary Atkinson all about Story Massage and the amazing benefits it can have for children.



In this interview I talk to Lisa Sturge from Laughterlines Coaching all about Laughter Therapy and the techniques she uses to help clients feel better about themselves and feel more confident with others, how it can strengthen relationships, ease misunderstandings and improve communication.



In this interview I talk to Lyn Whiteman about Neutral Space Relaxation which is simple and straightforward with the emphasis on pure relaxation, this system of gentle light touch bodywork is very beneficial and powerfully effective.