Aromatherapy Product Making Starter Kit




This kit contains:

Moisturising Day Cream (250mls)
Shampoo/Gel Wash (250mls)
Purified Water (250mls)
Moisturising Lotion (250mls)
Epsom Salts (250mls)
Solubiliser (10mls)
Preservative Eco (10mls)

PET Plastic pots with aluminium lid 50mls x 2
PET Plastic Bottles 100mls x 2
Blue Glass Bottle with black atomiser 50mls x 1
Glass Rollerball Bottles x 1
Spatulas x 10
Plastic Measuring Beaker x 1
Plastic Measuring Jug x 1

Essential Oil Blends of your choice x 3 (5mls) – once your order is placed I will contact you to discuss your choice of blends.

Postage is included.


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