Reflexology is a holistic therapy and works on the whole body, including the mind, spirit and emotions. It is believed that reflexology may work on the underlying problem or cause of the symptom and not the actual symptom.  Using the feet and hands, the reflexes in the feet are stimulated with the nerve endings in the feet being located through a specific form of massage with the thumb and fingers.  This can help to relieve tension and have a calming and soothing effect through the whole of the body.  The session is subtle using a variety of precise techniques, which, when applied may help to determine which areas of the body are congested or out of balance.

Clients sometimes report that their feet feel sensitive, bruised, tender and even gritty during a treatment and they feel really relaxed but revitalised.  Reflexology may help a wide range of health problems such as breathing and sleep disorders, skin and digestive conditions, ear disorders, stress and anxiety, fertility issues and many others.

It is also extremely beneficial to those simply wishing to look after their long-term health, or who would like spend some time on themselves relaxing and unwinding after a stressful day at work or with the kids.

You will receive a full consultation prior to your first treatment.

60 mins          £30

SPECIAL OFFER – 7 sessions for the price of 6!    Total cost £180.00


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60 minutes of a combination of Reflexology and Aromatherapy Back Massage

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