The aim of this course is to introduce you to and further your knowledge about the Katseye Skincare Blends and the essential oils that make up the blends.

This is an active self-paced online course introducing the fundamentals of aromatherapy and quickly immerses you in the Skincare Blends and the essential oils that make up these blends.

The course is taught through a series of webinar presentations, activities and manuals with engaging reading material.

The main topics covered by this course:

  • Brief introduction to the background of Katseye Blends.
  • Introducing the Skincare Blends.
  • Focus on the Skincare Blends – Smooth & Tone Blend, Dry to Normal Blend, For Spotty Skin Blend, For Oily Skin Blend and the Pregnancy Blend (covers skin problems during pregnancy) and understand the essential oils in them.
  • An understanding of skin types and common skin problems
  • How to make a cleanser, skin tonic and cream
  • Recipes for a facial scrub and facial mask
  • Demonstrate an example of a full facial using the skincare products
  • Contraindications of the Skincare Blends
  • Problem skin conditions
  • Safety in Aromatherapy

The aim of this package is to enable you to make your own skincare products using essential oil blends for personal and home use.

Course Fee: £25

This is a fantastic course full of information about the Skincare Blends and the different essential oils that make up these blends. If you have any questions then please message me via the contact form below. Or just click on the Buy Now button to purchase this course!

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