Oil Burner Diffuser

Aromatherapy Diffuser or Oil Burner?

You may have noticed that one of my passions is everything essential oils and how they can support our health and wellness. With that in mind, a number of your monthly free gifts have been a bottle of essential oil! When I talk about the oils I also talk about the best ways to use the oils and in most cases I recommend an Aromatherapy Diffuser or an Oil Burner.

Which is best?

Oil Burner

An Oil Burner uses a tealight to heat the oil which then evaporates giving off the amazing aroma of the oil. Generally there is a dish at the top which you add water and then a few drops of your essential oil. You can also add wax melts into the top of these. The only drawback to an oil burner is that you are using a naked flame to heat the oil and so it must not be left unattended and the tealight will keep burning even if the water/oil has evaporated which then gives off a burning smell (I have done that!).

Aromatherapy Diffuser

An Aromatherapy Diffuser also uses water. Diffusers are run by electricity. You add your water to the container and then your oil (the number of drops will depend on the individual diffuser instructions) and then turn it on. You will the see a vapour flow out of the diffuser with the amazing aroma of the oil. A lot of diffusers will go through a cycle of colours which you can also pause on your favourite colour or you can have white. The advantages of the diffuser is that it will turn itself off when the water/oil has run out so you can leave it unattended or you can have the diffuser on overnight and not have to worry about it.

As you can see in the pictures there are many different types of diffusers which range in price from £15 upwards. You can also find lots of different types of oil burners. You only have to look on Amazon to see the variety. You do not need to spend a lot. You just need to make sure that if you choose a diffuser then it has an automatic shut off when it is waterless.

I have both, but my preference would be an Aromatherapy Diffuser because of the safety advantages and the fact that you can get some really pretty ones! But both will distribute the aroma of the essential oils into the atmosphere of your room so that you can breathe in the lovely aromas and gain the amazing benefits of the essential oils!

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